1) You __________ (use) my towel again! a) is using b) are using c) am using d) using 2) My mother ______________ (wash) the dishes. a) washing b) is washing c) are washing d) am washing 3) It ______________ (not rain) today. Yesterday's a horror.  a) not raining b) is not raining c) am not raining d) are not raining 4) Who ___________ (he/talk) to now? a) he talking b) am he talking c) is he talking d) are he talking 5) What __________ (I/go) to do now? a) I going b) is I going c) are I going d) am I going 6) They ________ (sit) on the bus.  a) sitting b) am sitting c) is sitting d) are sitting 7) Malaysians ________ (stay) at home at the moment. a) staying b) is staying c) are staying d) am staying 8) Our Prime Minister __________ (beg) everyone to stay at home but some people _______ (not listen) unfortunately.  a) begging, not listening b) is begging, is not listening c) is begging, are not listening d) are begging, is not listening e) are begging, are not listening 9) 'Are you staying at home? ' 'Yes, I ______.' a) am b) is c) are 10) Although schools are not open, we __________ (still do) our own learning at home.  a) still doing b) is still doing c) are still doing d) am still doing




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