1) She ___ to school by bus every day. a) go b) goes 2) We ___ our teeth after breakfast. a) clean b) cleans 3) Mary and Kitty ___ lots of comics. a) reads b) read 4) Tina ___ a new car. a) drives b) drive 5) He ___ football after school. a) play b) plays 6) My sister ___ chocolate. a) likes b) like 7) His friend, John ___ swimming once a week. a) go b) goes 8) His mom ___ his sandwiches for school. a) make b) makes 9) Zack ___ up at 6 o'clock every morning. a) get b) gets 10) Tania ___ the bus to work. a) takes b) take 11) The children ___ their pet bunny in the afternoons. a) feed b) feeds 12) I ___ my dog for a walk after school. a) takes b) take 13) My friends ___ dinner at about 6 o'clock. a) have b) has 14) They ___ late. a) works b) work 15) You ___ tennis every Tuesday and Friday. a) plays b) play 16) Your sisters _____ the bus to school. a) take b) takes 17) My brother _____ school at 8 o'clock. a) starts b) start 18) Nadim and Henry _______ school at 9am. a) start b) starts 19) School _________ at 9.30. a) start b) starts 20) I _________ home at 7.30. a) leave b) leaves 21) She _______ a guitar lesson on Tuesday afternoons. a) has b) have




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