How important do you think education is?, Do you think you had a good education?, Was there a high standard of education at your schools?, Do you think the quality of education is slipping?, What do you think of the idea of all education being online?, What kind of education did you have in your home?, What would the world be like if everyone had access to a good education?, Does your government really care about education?, In which country do you think you can receive the best education?, What is a good education?, Is the level of education in your country good?, What would you like to change about the education system of your country, Would you like to work in education?, Do you think there’s a lot of money to be made in education?, What kind of experience and qualifications do you think a government’s education minister/secretary needs?, When does education begin?, What do you think Mark Twain meant when he said, “never let school interfere with your education”?, What do you think of single-sex education?, What do you think of the idea of lifelong education?.





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