1) I like to _______ in the shower a) sing b) eat 2) Pass the ______ and pepper, please. a) milk b) salt 3) I need _______ for my cake a) sugar b) cheese 4) Ariel the mermaid lives in the ______ a) sea b) pineapple 5) I wear ________ on my feet a) shirt b) socks 6) You ______ in a chair a) sit b) swim 7) The baby is _________ a) happy b) sad 8) I don't feel good. I am _____ a) sick b) tired 9) I need ______ and water to wash my hands a) berries b) soap 10) There is _______ at the beach a) sand b) rocks 11) The _____ is in the sky a) sun b) moon 12) I love chicken________ a) nuggets b) soup




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