At the beginning of the world, animals look a bit different, the Leopard was a sandy yellow colour, Zebra were a light grey colour, and the Giraffe was a light yellow colour. In Africa, Leopard resided in a hot and sandy-colored habitat called the Highveld., Leopard lay on the ground, his sandy yellow hide perfectly camouflaged him, making it nearly impossible to spot him lying on the ground. He played a game where he would lie in wait for Zebra and Giraffe to happen, then he would jump out and frighten them half to death., Zebra and Giraffe relocated to the Bushveld to get away from Leopard., Zebra and Giraffe stayed in the shadows for so long that the shadows changed the colors of their coats., Soon, they were as well camouflaged in the forest as Leopard was in the Highveld—you could stand right next to them and not even see them., Leopard missed his friends Zebra and Giraffe, so he asked his friend the Ethiopian if he knew where they went., Zebra and Giraffe explained how their spots and stripes hid them in the forest like Leopard’s color hid him in the Highveld., “Wow,” said Leopard. “Can you camouflage me, too? I don’t want to be black all over, I prefer some spots like Giraffe.”So the Ethiopian took the mud and painted spots on Leopard using the tips of his fingers..





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