Our friends are raising money for charity., What is she like? , What does he look like ?, Boys are interested in playing computer games., She is looking for accomodation., He wants to rent a flat., I haven't written to you for a long time., I miss you a lot., Where is the nearest hotel?, Which platform does the train leave?, Do you share your room ? , I'd like to book a hotel., Dad will pick you at the airport., Please, bring some Cds., I have to borrow a book from a library., It's up to you., Have a nice trip!, She wants to pass the exams., He failed his Maths test., The medal is made of gold., Enjoy your stay at our hotel!, Keep in touch! , She needs a part-time job., Let me know., You mustn't take pictures here!, What's the weather like? , Pick fruit in the garden., My neighbourhood is safe. , Can you describe the robber? , Why don't you earn some money?, I prefer swimming to running., I'd like to work as a waiter. , I'd like to complain about my room., They are keen on sightseeing., Are you ready to order?, Where were you born? , She is taking part in a competition., He should buy a new suitcase., What size are you ? , You mustn't cheat!, Get well soon!, She works as a shop assistant., I''ll do my best., We are good at collecting , Let me introduce my daughter., He has won a competition. , Grandma is proud of her grandchildren., Try it on!, Where is the changing room? , Can you spell your surname? .




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