1) I prefer coffee ___ tea a) than b) to c) rather than 2) I don't fancy going to the theatre again. I'd rather ___ to the cinema. a) go b) to go c) going 3) Although I love relaxing on beaches, I think this time I'd prefer ____ in the mountain a) walk b) walking c) to walk 4) I'm not a big fan of cars; I prefer _____ by train. a) travel b) travelling 5) If I had a choice, I think I'd rather _____ a) living in Paris than in London. b) live in Paris than in London c) to live in Paris to London 6) They'd rather have lunch inside, but I'd prefer _____ outside in the garden. a) eating b) to eat c) eat 7) I'd rather speak to him in person ___ things over the phone. a) to discussing b) to discuss c) than discuss 8) I'd rather work outdoors ............. in the office. a) than work b) to work c) to working 9) I prefer _____________ people to writing letters. a) phoning b) to phone c) phone 10) I__________________ to eat at home rather than go out. a) would sooner b) would prefer c) would rather 11) Shall we go by train? Well, I ____________go by car. a) 'd sooner b) 'd prefer c) ’d rather 12) I'd prefer to learn Italian rather than _________French a) to learn b) learn c) learning 13) I'd rather a) you wouldn't sit here b) you don't sit here c) you didn't sit here

Prefer, would prefer, would rather




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