1) What is the y- intercept in: y = 2x - 4 a) -4 b) 2 c) 2/4 2) The x- intercept is what type of line?  a) vertical b) slanted c) horizontal 3) In the equation, y = mx + b, m represents ....... a) y- intercept b) slope c) most 4) When graphing a line, I must first plot the.......  a) y- intercept b) slope c) arrow 5) What is the slope in: y = 2x - 4 a) 4 b) -4 c) 2 6) The y- intercept is what type of line? a) vertical b) horizontal c) slanted 7) In the line, y = 5x - 6, the slope can be made into a fraction. Which fraction is equivalent (equal) to the slope in this equation?  a) 1/5 b) 5/6 c) 5/1 8) In the equation, y = -4x + 6, the slope is......  a) negative b) positive  c) unclear 9) When looking at a line on the graph, I evaluate the line by looking at it from.......  a) up to down b) right to left c) left to right 10) In the equation, y = 4x - 7, the slope is..... a) negative b) positive c) unclear

Slope Intercept Form: y = mx + b





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