who were alkana's two wives? - chana and פנינה, why did פנינה tease חנה? - because chana didn't have children , were does alkana go every year with his family? - to שילא, who were eli's children? - chofni and pinchas, did eli punish chofni and pinchas? - no they were not punished, who did shmual learn from? - hashem, what did chana bring shmuel when she came to visit? - a coat, who was b'nai israel fighting with? - the plishtim, how many people died for the first war? - 4,000, in the second war how many people died? - 3-2 + 2 * 10,000, how many plishtim cities were there? - 5.00000000000000000 cities, what was the punishment for the plishtim? - constipation, how many golden mice were there? - 5 mice, how many golden poops were there? - 5 poops, how did hashem make the plishtim run away? - he yelled at them, how many sons did shmuel have? - 2 sons, did shmuel want a king? - no he didn't want a king, what shevet was sheul in? - binyamin, who was sheul's dad? - keesh, what did shmuel poor on sheul's head when he was making him a king? - oil,




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