1) My friends ____________________ their bikes at the moment. a) riding b) aren't riding c) is riding d) are riding 2) Look! They _____________________ ballet. a) aren't dancing b) are dancing c) dance d) dancing 3) I _________________ basketball right now. a) am not playing b) playing c) not playing d) play 4) My sister _____________________ in the pool. a) is swimming b) is not swimming c) does swimming d) swimming 5) Mary _____________________ a book in the library. a) are reading b) reading c) is reading d) isn't reading 6) ____________________ breakfast right now? a) They having b) Are they having c) They are having d) Are having they 7) My friends ________________________ pizza for lunch! a) are not eating b) don't eating c) eating d) are eating 8) My brother ___________________ Minecraft in his bedroom. a) are playing b) isn't playing c) playing d) is playing 9) Mark __________________ the guitar at the moment. a) isn't playing b) is playing c) playing d) are playing 10) ______________________ karaoke? a) She is singing b) Are she singing c) Is she singing d) She are singing

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