What's your name? - My name is , How old are you? - I'm_______ years old, Where do you live? - I live in ______, How are you today? - I'm fine, thank you., What do you like doing in your free time? - I like to , What's your favourite food? - My favourite food is , What's your favourite day of the week? - My Favourite day of the week is ___, What's your favourite time of the day? - My favourite time of the day is___, What kind of music do you like? - I like ___________ music, What type of films do you like? - I like ______ movies(films), Do you like reading? - yes, I like it / No , I don't like it, Tell me about your family. - My family is, What do you do for living? - I'm a / I work in a , Where are you from? - I'm from , What season do you like? - I like , Have you got any plans for today? - I'm going to / I have to, Have you got any plans for the weekend? - No / yes, What's your job? - I'm a / I work in a, Could you spell your name? - a.B.C, Could you spell your surname? - A...B...C, Have you got any pets? - yes/ no his/ her name is, Why are you learning English? - because...,


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