1) Where is the Koala from? a) The United States of America b) The United Kingdom  c) Australia d) Canada 2) Where are Tacos from? a) Chile b) Peru c) Mexico d) China 3) Where is The Big Ben tower? a) The United States of America b) Australia c) Canada d) The United Kingdom 4) In which flag is the Maple leaf? a) Canadian flag b) British flag c) Australian flag d) American flag 5) Which country is this flag from? a) Belgium b) Guyana c) Greece d) Scotland 6) Which country has the capital city Luxembourg? a) Bulgaria b) Belgium c) Luxembourg d) Brazil 7) Which country is known for its mediterranean diet? a) Greece  b) Belize c) France d) Spain 8) Which country is NOT close to Cameroon? a) Nigeria b) Chad c) Gabon d) Botswana




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