1) Volunteers can really _____ a difference in other people's lives. a) made  b) do c) make 2) The hail storm really ___ a lot of damage to our roof.  a) did b) is making c) does 3) The business hasn't ____ a profit since before the pandemic. a) made b) did c) done 4) Susie can't play outside until she _____ her bed. a) is doing b) does c) makes 5) I shouldn't have _____ business with him. He cheated me! a) done b) made c) did 6) Could you possibly ___ me a favor? a) make b) do c) give 7) I would have ____ a suggestion, but I didn't think he wanted any advice.  a) done b) make c) made 8) The professor has ____ years of research on this topic. a) done b) made c) does 9) I ____ a cake for her birthday last week. a) made b) did c) make 10) Dave is going to ____ the laundry tomorrow morning. a) make b) does c) do 11) George always ____ a bet with his brother that the Twins will win the game. a) is making b) makes c) does 12) He might have hurt his back while he was ______ yardwork this weekend. a) doing b) making c) did 13) We'll need to _____ some changes to the contract before we sign it. a) do b) make c) made 14) This cream has simply _____ wonders for my skin! a) made b) did c) done 15) I know it's a hard test. Just ___ your best! a) do b) make c) write 16) I don't like where my neighbor is building a fence, but I don't want to _____ trouble! a) build b) do c) make 17) Before she went on a date, she ___ her hair and nails. a) does b) did c) made 18) Wow, I wish those construction workers would stop ______ so much noise! a) making b) doing c) to make 19) How old am I? _____ a guess! a) Give b) Do c) Make 20) We're out of cream. Can you ____ without it today? a) do b) make c) did




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