1) I had to go inside and warm up because it was _______ outside. a) cold b) freezing c) chilly 2) Ben was so ______ when he got a new dog. a) ecstatic b) happy c) glad 3) The blue whale is a _____ mammal. a) big b) large c) gigantic d) huge 4) An ant is a very _____ insect. a) tiny b) small c) little 5) The waterfall was _____! a) great b) nice c) incredible 6) After the rain stopped, I saw a _____ rainbow. a) pretty b) beautiful c) nice 7) The pink roses in our garden smelled ____. a) nice b) good c) amazing 8) The skunk's spray was _____. a) bad b) disgusting c) strong 9) My mom baked a ______ chocolate cake for my birthday. a) delicious b) good c) tasty 10) My pet chinchilla's fur is _____. a) soft b) smooth c) silky

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