1) They walked carefully on the sand.  (how) a) sand b) carefully c) walked 2) They searched behind the tree for the dog.  (where) a) behind b) dog c) searched 3) The boys are completing their homework now. (when) a) homework b) completing c) now 4) The children always ate apples. (how often) a) ate b) apples c) always 5) Cheerfully, the children played on the swings. (how) a) cheerfully b) played c) swings 6) Their boys ran downstairs. (where) a) boys b) downstairs c) ran 7) The sun was extremely hot. (how much) a) sun b) extremely c) hot 8) Many cars drove quickly. (how) a) many b) drove c) quickly 9) The girl didn't finish her very challenging schoolwork. (how much) a) very b) challenging c) finish




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