1) Who are the characters in this story? a) Ed and Jed. b) Jackson and Ned. c) Ed and Jackson. 2) Where did the story take place? a) In a hospital. b) At Ed's house. c) On a boat. 3) What happened first? a) They got up at sunrise. b) They had a nap. c) Jackson got muddy. 4) What happened last? a) They went outside. b) They had a nap. c) They ate pancakes. 5) Where did the ball land? a) In the grass. b) Over a gate. c) In a bucket. 6) What did Ed put on to go outside? a) A jacket. b) A leash. c) A hat. 7) When did they take a nap? a) At sunrise. b) At sunset. c) After they ate pancakes. 8) Where was the bucket of mud? a) In a playground. b) On the deck. c) In a sandbox.




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