1) Alex has 14 cards. His friend gave him 4 more cards. Then his dad bought him 8 more cards. How many cards does Alex have now? a) 26 cards b) 15 cards c) 14 cards d) 13 cards 2) Shira had 19 cookies. She decided to bake 24 more. Then her friend brought over another 24. How many cookies do they have altogether? a) 56 cookies b) 67 cookies c) 66 cookies 3) Anthony has 15 birds. Lucky has 8 birds and Denisse has 5 birds as well. How many birds do they have in all? What Equation can we use with this problem? a) 15 pens b) 18 pens c) 7 pens d) 28 pens 4) Luis has 8 pens. He found 8 more pen in his bag. Then he got 22 more pen at home. How many pen does he have now? a) 16 pens b) 17 pens c) 38 pens d) 19 pens 5) Salani had 24 markers. Her aunt gave her a box of 12 more for her birthday. Her cousin added a set of 50. How many pens does she have in all? a) 88 markers b) 15 markers c) 78 markers d) 72 markers




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