1) Project is .. ? a) A database b) A word processor  c) A spreadsheet program d) A project management system 2) A __________________ sets the purpose and objectives of a project? a) Project Chart b) Project Charter c) Project Spreadsheet d) Project Database 3) A ______________ is a task with zero duration, which marks an event in a schedule? a) Date b) Bookmark c) Cell d) Milestone 4) A WBS - _____________________ is a hierarchical representation of project work? a) Work Balance Schedule b) Work Breakdown Structure c) Work Booking System d) Work Business Schedule 5) A project can only be scheduled forward from the start date? a) True b) False 6) Tasks can only be manually scheduled? a) True b) False 7) A _________________ task has subordinate tasks? a) Subtask b) Milestone c) Summary Task d) Split Task 8) A ___________ is a subordinate task? a) Subtask b) Split Task c) Summary Task d) Milestone 9) A dependency is a timing relationship between two tasks in a project? a) True b) False 10) How many dependency types are there available in Project? a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four 11) A _________________ is a cost associated with a task? a) Reserve b) Property c) Resource d) Step 12) A resource can be assigned to a task? a) True b) False 13) Project have three types of resources. Select the three types? a) Work b) Milestone c) Cost d) Summary e) Material f) Time 14) Project have three types of tasks. Select the three types? a) Fixed Unit b) Resource c) Milestone d) Fixed Work e) Dependency f) Fixed Duration 15) A Task Constraint is a parameter that forces the task to fit in a specific timing? a) True b) False 16) Projects are saved in which file extension (format)? a) .pdf b) .mpp c) .docx d) .html




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