1) The dog is _______ the table. a) in  b) under c) on 2) The cat is ________ the box. a) under b) on c) in 3) The butterfly is ____________ the flower. a) under b) on c) in 4) The ball is _______the box. a) on b) in c) under 5) The mouse is _______ the table. a) in b) under c) on 6) The cat is _____________ the dogs. a) under b) on c) between 7) The sun is ____________ the cloud. a) behind b) under c) on 8) The puppy is __________ the rabbits. a) under b) between c) in 9) The dog is ____________ the tree. a) between b) under c) behind 10) The books are ____________ the table. a) in b) behind c) on 11) The apple is ____________ the book. a) on b) next to c) under 12) The elephant is _____________ the chair. a) in front of b) behind c) on





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