1) The sweltering weather made the baseball game very uncomfortable. We tried using paper fans, but it didn't help much. What is the meaning of sweltering? a) rainy b) stormy c) windy d) hot 2) Grandpa didn't know that it was going to rain on the trip, and now he had to alter his plans. What is the meaning of alter? a) continue b) help c) change d) swim 3) It is crucial that you do your homework if you want to get good grades in English class. What is the meaning of crucial? a) important b) optional c) unimportant d) not necessary 4) The frigid water made Elizabeth's teeth chatter. What is the meaning of frigid? a) shiny b) clean c) blue d) cold 5) When the student didn't understand the instructions, she asked the teacher to clarify them. What is the meaning of clarify? a) remove b) call c) explain d) stop 6) Andy decided to terminate his membership to the health club. He was ready to stop paying the monthly fee. What is the meaning of terminate? a) continue b) change c) stop d) fix 7) "When I was young, I used to be limber like you," Grandma told me. "I could do cartwheels and flips, but then I got old, and my body became stiff." What is the meaning of limber? a) flexible b) pretty c) smart d) tall 8) What a hapless day! Mom's car had a flat tire, I fell and skinned my knee at recess, and I lost my library book. I hope tomorrow is better. What is the meaning of hapless? a) amazing b) unlucky c) boring d) easy 9) Brad was lethargic and didn't have the energy to get out of bed. What is the meaning of lethargic? a) tired b) hurt c) excited d) frightened 10) After the rainstorm, the rainbow lit up the sky with vivid colors. What is the meaning of vivid? a) dark b) funny c) bright d) normal




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