1) What is the setting of the story? 2) What do we learn about Dave's family at the beginning of the story? Name 3 facts. 3) Why did Prof. Herbert punish Dave? 4) What was Dave's punishment? 5) Why was Dave's punishment different from the other boys' punishment? 6) What was Dave worried about when Prof. Herbert told him to stay after school? 7) What was Pa doing when Dave got home? 8) What was Pa's reaction to Dave being late? 9) What were Pa's reasons for going to school in the morning? 10) Why was Dave "shaking like a leaf" in Prof. Herbert's office? 11) What did Prof. Herbert suggest to Dave's father? Why? 12) How did Pa spend the day at the high school? Name 3 things he did there. 13) What made the students change their opinion about Dave's father? 14) What does Pa do at the end of the school day? 15) What does Pa understand at the end of the school day? 16) What advice does Pa give Dave at the end of the story? 17) What does Dave learn from his father. Name 2 things.

The Split Cherry Tree - LOTS




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