1) T-rex is ______________ a cat a) more bigger b) bigger c) bigger than d) biger than 2) Ben and Lucy are_______________ Horax a) more intelligent b) intelligenter than c) more intelligent than d) intelligenter 3) Grandpa is ____________ Ben. a) taller than b) more taller c) taller d) more taller than 4) Lucy is________________ at football than Jack. a) goodder b) better c) more goodder d) more better 5) My hair is ________________ my friend's. a) more long b) more longer than c) longer d) longer than 6) His moustache is_________________ dad's. a) darker than b) more darker c) more darker than d) darker 7) The dog is________________ the snake. a) beautifuller b) beautifuller than c) more beautiful than d) more beautiful 8) Thor is________________ than Spider man. a) stronger b) more stronger c) more stronger than d) stronger than 9) Voldemort is ____________ The Joker. a) badder b) more bad than c) worse than d) worse 10) The girl is_____________ the man. a) smaller than b) more smaller c) more smaller than d) smaller




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