1) He (GO) _____________ to the theatre yesterday. a) goes b) goed c) went 2) We (SWIM) ______________ every day last summer. a) swimming b) swam c) swimed 3) Tom (COME) ______________ home late last night. a) come b) came c) camed 4) I (EAT) _________________ a big sandwich last night. a) eating b) ate c) eated 5) My Mum (DRINK) ______________ a lot of coffee yesterday. a) drank b) drinking c) drinked 6) I (BUY) ________________ a new book last week. a) buied b) bought c) buyed 7) My friend (SEE) ______________ a great bike yesterday.  a) saw b) see c) seeing 8) Dobriša Cesarić (WRITE) ______________ a lot of beautiful poems. a) writing b) writeing c) wrote 9) We (HAVE) ______________ some pizza for lunch yesterday. a) has b) have c) had 10) I (BREAK) _______________ my glasses yesterday. a) breaked b) broke c) breaking 11) They (BE) _____________ in Paris last month. a) is b) was c) were 12) We (MAKE) ______________ our beds yesterday. a) made b) maked c) make 13) They (WIN) ________________ the first prize two days ago. a) win b) won c) wined 14) It (BE) _______________ Jack's birthday a week ago. a) was b) were c) is 15) I (FORGET) _________________ to call my mum last night. a) forgive b) forget c) forgot




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