1) My mom cooks ___ a chef. Her food is the best! a) As if b) As c) Than 2) London is ____ pretty ______ Paris is such a romantic city! a) As though b) Not so…as c) Than 3) I rather rock music ____pop music. Rock makes me feel so happy. a) Than b) As c) Not so…as 4) Miranda can play the piano _____ well _______ as his father did. She is a really talented girl. a) As b) As...as c) As if 5) Harry ate chocolate ________ he was never going to eat chocolate again. a) As if b) Than c) Not as…as 6) My brother is _____ good at singing _______ I am, but he is a really good writer. a) Not as…as b) As c) As though 7) My girlfriend bought food ______ a lot of people would come to have dinner with us. a) As though b) Than c) Not so…as





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