1) She _______________________ pasta with her friends last Sunday.  a) eats b) eat c) ate 2) The head teacher _____________________ something to me last month. a) says b) say c) said 3) Kate _____________________ to the beach yesterday. a) goes b) went c) go 4) The cashier ___________________________ at the supermarket yesterday. a) works b) worked c) work 5) Adam ___________ a bar of chocolate in the shop last Sunday. a) bought b) buy c) buys 6) Adam ________ to see the Big Ben last Saturday. a) go b) goes c) went 7) The cat _____ the milk yesterday. a) drink b) drinks c) drank 8) I _____ a shower yesterday morning. a) had b) has c) have 9) Susan ______ her teeth last night. a) brushed b) brushes c) brush 10) I _____ lunch very late yesterday because I ____ no time. a) have b) has c) had


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