1) the girl is _________ a) writes b) writing c) write d) writeeng 2) The teacher ____ singing. a) is b) are c) has d) no 3) ________ is drinking. a) The monster b) the boy c) the girl d) The teacher 4) The monster is _________ a) reading b) read c) reads d) drinking 5) __________ is eating an apple. a) the monster b) the boy c) the girl d) the teacher 6) The boys __________________ . a) are playing football b) are playing basketball c) play football d) play basketball 7) The girls ___________________. a) is playing tennis. b) is playing badminton. c) are playing tennis d) are playing badminton. 8) _____________ is writing. a) The girls b) the monster c) the teacher d) the boys 9) Son Tung ____________ a) is sing. b) is singing. c) are sing. d) are singing. 10) The children _________________________ a) Is sleeping. b) are sleeping. c) is sleep. d) are sleep.




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