1) Julia moved to another city _____ live near her boyfriend. a) in order to b) so that c) because d) as e) due to 2) John played water polo _____ he could be fit. a) in order to b) so that 3) I went home _____ I was tired. a) to b) because c) because of d) due to 4) _____ the cost of living in cities is becoming very expensive, more and more people are moving to the suburbs. a) To b) So that c) Since 5) _____ the chairman was ill, they postponed the meeting. a) To b) In order to c) As 6) _____ I was ill for several months, I lost my job. a) Because of b) To c) So that d) Because 7) They stayed late _____ finish the work on time. a) so that b) in order to c) because d) because of e) since 8) I've bought a bicycle _____ I will do some exercise. a) so that b) in order to c) to 9) My mother will buy a car _____ drive to work. a) since b) because c) so that d) to 10) The match was cancelled _____ bad weather. a) since b) so that c) due to




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