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1) What is the first thing you should look at when you open an account in Admin? a) View calls b) Account ID c) Account Manager d) Account Type 2) What do you click on to view past tickets for a specific account? a) New Support Ticket b) SMS  c) View Calls 3) What is the following business' Account ID? a) 997047 b) 3053400 c) Not enough information provided.  4) The client said their Facebook listing is unavailable because their email is too generic. What area of admin would you visit to resolve this issue? a) Content Policies b) Manage Listings c) SMS 5) Can you help Mike from 30 Lines if he calls into Support? a) Yes b) No  c) Not enough information provided.  6) What pages should you always open when looking into an account? a) Storm, Admin, View Calls b) Admin, Call Log Totals, View Calls c) Storm, Admin, Fuze d) Admin, Email, View Calls 7) Please provide the link to the page that displays the location update history for the Triple J Bar & Grill location.  a) b) c) d)   e)  f)


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