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Triangle - Three corners and three straight sides. No curved sides, Circle - 1 curved edge. No corners. No straight sides., Rectangle - 4 corners. 4 straight sides. No curved sides. 4 right angles. Opposite sides are the same length., Square - 4 corners. 4 sides. No curved sides. All of the sides are the same length. 4 right angles., Pentagon - 5 straight sides. 5 corners. No curved sides., Hexagon - No curved sides. 6 straight sides. 6 corners., Heptagon - No curved sides. 7 corners. 7 straight sides., Octagon - No curved sides. 8 corners. 8 straight sides., Nonagon - No curved sides. 9 corners. 9 straight sides, Decagon - No curved sides. 10 corners. 10 straight sides.,

2D Shape Match up


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