1) What should you do if you want to ski a black diamond trail and someone else wants to ski a green trail? a) Ski a blue trail b) Get really close c) Talk really loud d) Make funny faces 2) What if your child wants to get a Nintendo switch but you want to get a Nintendo Lite? a) Refuse to negotiate b) Get really sad if you can't go first c) Say, "NO, you can't go first!" d) Negotiate by getting one now and one for Christmas 3) Your child wants to watch one TV show but you want him to watch a different one? a) Push them out of the way b) Talk about it c) Say mean things to them d) Tantrum about it 4) What should you do if you and your child disagree? a) This one? b) This one? c) Talk About It? d) Or this one? 5) When you want to talk to someone who is busy, what should you do? a) Cry and pout b) Wait patiently for your turn c) Get upset d) Get annoyed 6) Which body Language is friendly? a) This one? b) This one? c) This one? d) Or this one? 7) Which behavior might help you solve a small problem? a) Think about it b) Do nothing c) Refuse help d) Sulk 8) Why is it important to think about other people? a) To get them upset b) To make them worry c) So they feel respected d) It's not important 9) What might help you if you feel sad? a) Kick someone b) Keep crying c) Keep thinking about the problem d) Think  about solutions 10) What is a good way to get attention? a) Be very quiet b) Yell c) Sulk d) Wait and look

Sai and Teddy's Expected vs. Unexpected Behavior Activity




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