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1) At the START of the story were was Macbeth the thane of? a) Stornoway b) Edinburgh c) Glasgow d) Cawdor e) Glamis f) Orkney 2) After a thane betrayed the king what was Macbeth the thane of? a) Edinburgh b) Cumbria c) York d) Cawdor e) Glamis f) Macbeth 3) Why did Macbeth kill the king? a) His ambitions went a bit over the top b) He wanted to do what the witches predictions said c) Lady Macbeth said stop being a woman d) He just wanted to e) He was drunk f) He did not know what else to do 4) Who got blamed for the kings murder? a) Duncan b) Macbeth c) Fleance d) Banquo e) The Kings servants f) Lady Macbeth 5) Why did the Kings servants get blamed a) They were ugly b) They were near the King when he got murdered c) They fled when the king got murdered d) They had blood on them. e) Macbeth told everyone that they had done the murder f) Lady Macbeth fainted when she heard the news 6) Why did Macbeth murder his best friend a) He wanted to b) The witches predictions c) Lady Macbeth told him to d) He did not e) Banquo offended him f) The King told him to 7) How did Macbeth die? a) The forest came to him b) Mcduff killed him c) Lady Macbeth killed him d) He committed suicide e) He did not f) He fell of a cliff 8) What was Banquos son called? a) Jeff b) Fortnite c) Bob d) Fleancae e) Fleance f) France 9) What was the famous quote from lady Macbeth when Macbeth became the earl of Cordor a) ''Un sex me here b) ''Play Fortnite'' c) ''Man's not hot'' d) ''My Name is jam'' e) No quote f) Not famous enough to be called famous


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