What is your favorite food? , What is your favorite thing to do at recess?, Do you like to eat spaghetti and meatballs? , What do you like to do after school? , What is a movie you like to watch? , Do you play any sports?, What is your favorite tv show?, What is your favorite color?, What do you like about school? , Do you like chocolate milk?, What is your favorite holiday?, What do you want to be for Halloween?, Do you like to wake up early or sleep in?, Would you rather eat pizza or ice cream? , Would you rather play in the snow or at the beach? , Do you like scary movies?, Do you like tacos?, Who is your favorite super hero? , When is your birthday?, Would you rather eat cake or eat pizza?, What do you eat for breakfast?, What is your favorite game? , What do you like to do at a park?, Would you rather have a pet horse or a pet tiger?, Would you rather eat strawberry ice cream or vanilla ice cream? .

Making Friends, a peer interaction game to encourage speaking and listening


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