Chromatography - Separation technique for liquids with different solubilities, Chromatogram - Chromatography paper after chromatography has occurred, Decanting - Separation technique for two materials of different densities, Dissolving - Breaking up of soluble solid particles into a solution, Distillation - Separating technique for materials of different boiling points, Distillate - Liquid collected from the distillation process, Filtrate - Liquid which passes through the filter paper after filtration, Filtration - Separation technique separating an insoluble solid from a liquid, Insoluble - Material which does not dissolve, Liebig Condenser - Piece of apparatus used in distillation to cool the gas which leaves the flask, Residue - Solid left in the filter paper after filtration, Saturated - Solution in which no more solute can dissolve, Soluble - Material which dissolves, Solution - Mixture of a solvent and dissolved solute, Solute - Solid which dissolves in a solvent, Solvent - Liquid in which a solute dissolve,




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