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Asteroid - Small rock orbiting the sun, Axis - Imaginary line running through the earth from pole to pole, Comet - Ball of ice travelling through space, may have a “tail”, Eclipse (Lunar) - The moon passing through the shadow of the Earth, Eclipse (Solar) - The moon blocking light from the sun, Galaxy - Collection of stars, Gravity - Force which pulls objects together. Stronger with larger objects, Milky Way - The galaxy we are in, Orbiting - Travelling around due to gravity, Satellite - Object which orbits a planet, Solar System - Collection of planets orbiting the sun, Mercury - Closest planet to the sun, Venus - Second planet from the sun, Earth - Third planet from the sun, Mars - Fourth planet from the sun, Jupiter - Fifth planet from the sun. Largest planet in our solar system, Saturn - Sixth planet from the sun, surrounded by rings, Uranus - Seventh planet from the sun, Neptune - Eighth planet from the sun, Pluto - Ninth planet form the sun. Smallest planet in our solar system,


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