have a bed time - have a negative experience, have a bath - wash your body, have a nap - sleep for a short time during the day, have a look - look at something quickly, have a cup of tea - drink a cup of tea, get back - return, get dressed - put your clothes on, get lost - lose your way, get ready - prepare to do something, get together - socialize, get on - board a means of transport, get off - finish work, to exit a means of transport, get sick - become ill, get up - leave your bed in the morning, take a photo - use a camera to make a photograph, take forever - take a very long time, take a while - use a long time to do something, take back - return something, take off - remove clothing, take up - begin a new hobby or sport, take a test - write answers to s test/exam, take a moment - use a short time to do something, have an accident - experience something that results in damage or injury, have a party - hold a party,




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