1) The measure of half a wave a) amplitude b) frequency c) wavelength 2) Wave that moves perpendicular-examples include electromagnetic waves and p-waves a) transverse b) longitudinal c) compression 3) Released from an earthquake a) matter b) energy c) amplitude 4) the measure of one wave to the next; example crest to crest a) wavelength b) amplitude c) frequency 5) top of a transverse wave a) crest b) trough c) compression d) rarefaction 6) bottom of a transverse wave a) crest b) compression c) trough d) rarefaction 7) Sound Wave a) longitudinal b) transverse 8) Longitudinal a) b) 9) Transverse wave a) b) 10) parts of a longitudinal wave a) compression, rarefaction b) crest, trough c) apex, gully 11) what do waves carry? a) energy b) matter c) tacos 12) amount of waves that pass in a set period of time a) amplitude b) frequency c) wavelength 13) Can travel in a vacuum a) mechanical b) longitudinal c) sound d) electromagnetic 14) Speed of a wave depends on a) amount of gas b) size of the engine c) medium it travels through




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