If I had a cat, - I would name it Dora. , You would learn a lot, - if you read newspapers. , If Jess lived near her family, - she wouldn't be lonely. , If we could travel anywhere in the world, - we would go to Bali., If you had a car, - you would go for a drive. , If Kerry had more money, - she would buy a new laptop. , If you had a hobby, - you wouldn't feel bored all the time., Luke would join us tonight, - if he wasn't sick. , If I felt hungry, - I would make some sandwiches., If you found a wallet full of money, - you would take it to the police station., We would stay at home , - if there was a storm outside. , If your car didn't start,  - you would take it to the mechanic. , If your homework was too difficult, - you would ask your older brother for help. , If you saw someone stealing your car, - you would call the police. , If you had a headache, - you would take a painkiller. ,




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