1) _______ at school yesterday. a) Was you b) Were you c) Did you d) Is you e) Don't know 2) Is your family large? a) Yes, it is. b) Yes, they are. c) No, it's not. d) No, there isn't. e) Don't know 3) What _______ he want? a) does b) do c) have d) was e) Don't know 4) _______do you have dinner? a) When time b) What time c) What kind of d) What for e) Don't know 5) He _______ to go home. a) want b) did c) didn't want d) didn't wanted e) Don't know 6) Where _______ to school? a) did you go b) went you c) did you went d) did go e) Don't know 7) Latin _______ compulsory in Irish schools. a) used to be b) would be c) has d) has been e) Don't know 8) The boy _______ cake when his mother came into the room. a) was eat b) eats c) was eating d) has eating e) Don't now 9) There _______ milk for my breakfast. a) isn't some b) isn't any c) any d) Don't know 10) _______ people from Poland went to Scotland in the 20th century. a) Many of b) Many c) Some of d) Don't know 11) There are _______ French speakers in Montréal. a) too much b) a lot of c) a little d) not much e) Don't know 12) She _______ with her friends on Facebook every day. a) is communicating b) communicates c) will communicating d) Don't know 13) More and more people _______divorced every year. a) are wanting b) wanting c) getting d) are getting e) Don't know 14) Many, but not all, people _______ get married in a church. a) want to b) are wanting to c) wanting to d) used to want e) Don't know 15) Would you like _______ to the theatre tonight? a) go b) to go c) going d) to going e) Don't know 16) I _______ to Peru on holiday next month. a) am flying b) flying c) am go flying d) will flying e) Don't know 17) Oh! It _______ . I'll take an umbrella with me a) raining b) will raining c) rains d) 's raining e) Don't know 18) Do you have any plans for tonight? Yes, we _______ to the cinema. a) will go b) going c) go d) are going e) Don't know 19) I plan to _______ two weeks by the beach. a) bring b) spend c) spending d) making e) Don't know 20) The fast food restaurant was _______ dirty. We didn't eat there. a) extreme b) extremely c) bit d) very much e) Don't know 21) This restaurant is _______ the one over there. a) traditional b) traditionaler c) more traditional than d) traditionaler than e) Don't know 22) My coffee was _______yours. I almost burned my mouth. a) hotter than b) more hot than c) hotter as d) as hot e) Don't know 23) The _______ coffee in the world comes from Indonesia. a) expensive b) expensivest c) more expensive d) most expensive e) Don't know 24) I _______ sushi. a) eaten b) have eat c) have ever eaten d) have never eaten e) Don't know 25) She has _______ finished this week's report. a) yet b) already c) ever d) never 26) I don't think you _______ them. a) should to email b) should email c) should emailing d) Don't know 27) In the future there _______ cures to the world's worst diseases. a) might be b) is going to being c) will being d) might have e) Don't know 28) The space tourists _______certainly need to be very fit. a) won't b) will c) Don't know 29) If my new company is successful, I _______ employ people to help me. a) will b) be able to c) will be able to d) will able to e) Don't know 30) The first reality TV show _______ in Sweden in 1997. a) showed b) shown c) is shown d) was shown e) Don't know 31) The film Avatar was directed _______ James Cameron. a) by b) from c) for d) with e) Don't know 32) I've had my cat _______ four years. a) since b) for c) with d) it e) Don't know 33) Her horse is lovely. She _______ it since she was a teenager. a) had b) has had c) is had d) Don't know 34) I've received 33 emails _______. a) on Friday b) yesterday c) two days ago d) this week e) Don't know 35) How often have you been to the doctor _______. a) one year ago? b) in the last 12 months? c) yesterday? d) last week? e) Don't know 36) I was saving up _______ a new computer. a) for buying b) to buy c) to buying d) Don't know 37) You _______ wear a suit to work, but you can if you want. a) must b) mustn't c) could d) don't have to e) Don't know 38) I had to _______ a uniform to school when I was younger. a) have b) wearing c) wear d) having e) Don't know 39) Cecilia knows someone _______ went to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. a) who b) which c) she d) where e) Don't know 40) Oxfam is a charity _______ tries to find lasting solutions to poverty. a) who b) which c) it d) Don't know 41) Our lot of ______ came to Ireland in the 1990s. a) immigrants b) emigrants c) invaders d) colonies e) Don't know 42) There was a nice meal and the band at the wedding _______ . a) ceremony b) reception c) speech d) group e) Don't know 43) I mostly _______ my friends via email. a) get on well with b) have in common c) keep in touch with d) see each other e) Don't know 44) Bob has had a very interesting _______ . He has had jobs in many countries and industries. a) carrier b) job c) career d) work e) Don't know 45) She's very successful. Her _______ has risen a lot in the past few years. a) money b) salary c) job d) earnings e) Don't know 46) I am very _______ in old cars. a) keen b) interesting c) interested d) fond e) Don't know 47) He _______ his exam because he didn't study. a) failed b) passed c) missed d) fell e) Don't know 48) The house will look cleaner when you have finished the ______ . a) home b) housewife c) housework d) homework e) Don't know 49) Stress is not an illness, but it can _______ to many illnesses. a) get b) celebrate c) contribute d) affect e) Don't know 50) He _______ off his holiday until after the winter. a) talk b) put c) called d) logged e) Don't know

Entry2: Placement Test 2 (Pre-intermediate to Intermediate) Adapted from Macmillan Publishers




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