________________________ (you/go out) a lot in the last couple of weeks?, ______________________ (you/do) much exercise recently?, ______________________ (you/work) on the same project since you joined EPAM?, ______________________ (you/learn) something new for the last few weeks?, _____________________ (you/look forward) to something new recently?, _____________________ (you/postpone) anything recently?, _____________________ (you/feel) exhausted recently? , ____________________(you/work) overtime a lot recently?, ____________________(you/substitute for) someone in the last few weeks?, ____________________ (you/order) anything in the last two months? , ____________________ (you/try) to cut down on any food recently? What kind of food?, ______________________(anyone/help) you a lot in the last few weeks?, ______________________(you/save) money on anything in the last few weeks/months/years?, ____________________(you/see) someone a lot online recently? Who is he/she?.

[BE B1+/B2] [Unit 9] [Grammar] [Present perfect/Present perfect continuous]




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