1) what have you done this week a) I has watched tv b) i have watched tv c) i have watch tv 2) what has she done this morning a) she has worked a lot b) she have work a lot c) she is worked a lot 3) what have they done this afternoon a) they are studied b) they has studied c) they have studied 4) what have you done this week a) we have cleaned the house b) we has cleaned the house c) we are cleaned the house d) 5) what has she done today a) she is walked in the park b) she has walked in the park c) she have walked in the park 6) what have you done a) i have visited my frieds b) i has visited my friends c) i am visited my friends 7) what have they done lately a) they has talked to their boss b) they are talked to their boss c) they have talked to their boss 8) what has he done every weekend a) he has played soccer b) he have played soccer c) he is playing soccer




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