I have been walking in the rain. - You’re all wet and your clothes are, too. , I have been planting flowers in the garden. - Your hands are covered in dirt and so are the knees of your jeans. , I have been listening to loud music at a rock concert. - You are in a great mood and you have trouble hearing. , I have been reading Harry Potter books (or watching the movies). - You keep talking about magic! , I have been running in the park. - You are wearing workout clothes and are sweating. , I have been recently playing the piano a lot. - You keep humming classical music. , I have been taking dance classes. - You are dancing around the house. , I have been eating too much. - You are feeling sick and you have gained weight. , I haven’t been listening to her. - Your friend told you all about her day but you don’t remember anything. She’s mad at you. PROMPT: Negative Sentence , I have been playing the guitar for years. - You are really good at the guitar and everyone is impressed. , I have been playing football all my life. - You are a very talented football player and play for the national team. , I have been studying English for a long time. - Your English is really good and you feel confident. , I have been saving money. - You have enough money now to buy a new house. , I have been spending too much time in the sun. - You have a terrible sunburn! , I have been walking in the cold. - Your skin is cold and you have a running nose. , I have been painting on the walls. - You are a child and you have paint on your hands and all over your clothes. ,




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