Reading the newspaper is something that..., I think people who _________________ are usually happier., A park is a place where ___________________, I know somebody whose _____________________, My cousin, who ____________________, lives __________________, My parent, who __________________, works as a ________________., A teacher is a person who __________________________, My cupboard is the place where ________________________, Talk about a person you really respect or admire, Talk about a place where you go when you want to relax., Talk about a person whose family you know very well., Talk about a time when you were very scared, Talk about a person who you had a crush on when you were younger., Talk about an activity or hobby that you love doing., Talk about something which you like about your country, Talk about a TV show which you really liked when you were a child, Talk about someone who you go to when you need help, I like people who..., I dislike people who..., I enjoy shows/films that..., I dislike films/shows that..., I'm fond of places that..., I can't stand people who..., I live with a person who..., I live with a person whose..., I never buy things that..., I often eat food that..., I have never met someone who..., I'd like to date someone who..., I'd like to marry someone whose....

EC I2 M2 10A Speaking with Relative Clauses


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