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build - to make something by putting thigns together, design - to draw your idea for how something will be made, device - a simple tool or piece of equipment that is made to do a job, discover - to be the first person to find a place or thing, experiment - a scientific test to see how something works or if something is true, inspiration - a good idea that you think of quicky, invent - to be the first person to make a new type of thing, machine - something with moving parts that is made to work for people, cartridge - a container that holds things like ink for printing or films for a camera, clay - heavy earth that is soft when wet and becomes hard when baked, rotate - to go round and round, hollow - with a hole or empty space inside, nib - the point at the end of a pen that you write with, sharp - with an edge or point that cuts or makes holes easily, ink - coloured liquid that is used for writing and drawing, reservoir - a place where liquids are stored, excitement - a feeling of great enthusiasm, equipment - the necessary items for a particular purpose, arrangement - a plan or preparation for a future event, achievement - a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage, movement - an act of moving, agreement - a situation in which people have the same opinion or in which they approve of or accept something, payment - the action of paying someone or something, enjoyment - the state or process of taking pleasure in something, entertainment - the action of providing amusement , development - the process in which someone or something grows or become bigger or more advanced,


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