1) If I ________ money, I will buy a dress. a) have b) will have c) has 2) If Peter ________ a car, he will be happy. a) wash b) will wash c) washes 3) If Monica ________ in a lottery a lot of money, she'll buy a new house. a) wins b) win c) will win 4) If my children ________ their homework, the teacher will be sad. a) doesn't do b) don't do c) won't do 5) If my friend ________ to Paris, he will go to London. a) doesn't go b) don't go c) won't go 6) If my sister ________ her room, she ________ a film. a) will tidy / will watch b) tidies / will watch 7) If my cousins ________ computer games, they ________ football. a) will play / will play b) won't play / will play c) don't play / will play 8) If my friend ________ pizza, he ________ it. a) don't cook/will buy b) doesn't cook/buy c) doesn't cook / will buy d) won't cook / will buy 9) If my friends ________ me, we ________ to cinema. a) doesn't visit / won't go b) won't visit / won't go c) don't visit / go d) don't visit / won't go e) will visit / won't go 10) If Barbara ________ to her teachers, she ________ better marks. a) doesn't listens / will get b) listens / will get c) don't listen / will get d) listens / get e) listens / won't gets f) listens / gets




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