AD - 'Anno Domini' - time after Jesus's birth, BC - 'Before Christ' - time before Jesus was born, Agriculture - farming crops (plants) and livestock (animals), Archaeology - a science that deals with past human life and activities as shown by objects (as pottery, tools, and statues) left by ancient peoples, Artefact - a man-made object, such as pieces of art or tools, that is of particular interest, Calendar - a system for dividing time into periods such as years, months, and weeks, Century - 100 years, Change - when things become different. This often happens over time, Church - Christian place of worship, Christianity - Christians are people who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Decade - 10 years, Chronology - the study of time. Chronological order is the order in which events happened, Discovery - finding or learning something for the first time, Diversity - differences, Empire - a set of lands or regions that are ruled by an emperor, Explorer - a person who explores an area that is not known, Global - across the whole world, International - what happens between two or more countries, Interpretation - explaining or understanding the meaning of something, Invention - a new thing that someone has made, King / Queen - head of a royal family who rules a country, Local - a small area (e.g. where you live or where you are learning about), Long ago - not recent, before living memory, Museum - a building that holds a collection of objects that are found in nature or objects that people created, Myths and legends - stories about how the world was created and why certain things happen, Nation - a territory (place) where all the people are led by the same government, Past - things that have already happened, Present - happening now, Peasant - a farmer or farm worker of low social class (old-fashioned word), Primary evidence - something that comes from a time being studied or from a person who was involved in the events, Secondary evidence - does not give original information. It interprets or summarizes information from primary sources, Significant - important, Yesterday - the day before today,


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