Ancient civilizations - the first settled and stable communities, Republic - a form of government in which citizens elect representatives to rule the state, Traitor - a person who is not loyal /a person who betrays their country (treason), Aristocracy - 1 : a government that is run by a small class of people. 2 : an upper class that is usually based on birth and is richer and more powerful than the rest of a society., Conquest - taking control of a place through force, Iron Age - the time period (from approximately 500 BC to 43 AD in Britain) where iron became the preferred choice of metal for making tools, Nomad - a person who moves from place to place, Sacrifice - to give up something that is valuable to you in order to help another person or cause, Execution - putting to death as a legal penalty, Islam - the religion where followers believe in one God (Allah), Parliament - a group of people who make the laws for a country, Court - a place where laws are enforced and legal cases are heard, Settler - a person who settles (stays) in a new region, Bronze Age - the period of time between the Stone and Iron Ages. Between 4000BC and 2000BC different societies around the world entered the Bronze Age. In Britain, the Bronze Age started around 2100BC and ended around 650BC., Crusades - a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims started primarily to secure control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups, Migration - to move from one country or region to another, Pope - the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Dark Ages - the years between 476 and 800 when there was no Roman emperor in the West: marked by frequent warfare and a disappearance of urban life., Heresy - belief or opinion opposed to a generally accepted view (often religious beliefs), Missionary - a person who is sent by a church or religious order to a foreign country to teach, convert, heal, or serve, Prehistory - a period in a time before written history, Slave - a person who is owned by and forced to work for another with no pay or rights, Hunter-gatherer - people who find their food by finding, hunting or fishing, Monarchy - when a single person is named 'at the head' of a country e.g. king, queen, emperor, empress, Stone Age - the oldest period in which human beings are known to have existed : the age during which stone tools were used., Democracy - a government that is run by the people: people can vote to make decisions, Immigrant - someone who moves to a new country, Monastery - a place where a community of monks lives and works, Rebellion - open opposition to authority,


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