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1) What is the name given to this famous mathematician? a) Euclid b) Descartes c) Pythagoras d) Pythanosaurus e) Gauss 2) What type of triangles are required for Pythagoras's theorem to work? a) Scalene b) Equilateral c) Isosceles d) Right angled 3) What name is given to the longest side of a right angles triangle? a) Hypotenuse b) Opposite c) Adjacent d) The Long'un 4) The following formula is used to calculate the hypotenuse. Which of the following can be used to find a smaller side? a) c sq - a sq = b sq b) a sq - b sq = c sq c) c sq + b sq = a sq d) c sq - b sq = a sq 5) This is an answer to a GCSE exam question. Calculate what x really is. a) 4.5 b) 5 c) 5.5 d) 6 e) 6.5 f) 25 6) The hypotenuse measures 13m and the base upto the middle 12m. Calculate the height of the truss. a) 1m b) 5m c) 25m d) 313m 7) This TV is to be fitted in the back of a car. The length of the TV is 8" and the height 6". What is the size of the screen? a) 7" b) 14" c) 10" d) 28" 8) The ladder measures 3m. It sticks out one metre when it reaches the ground. What is the height of the ceiling? a) square root of 2m b) square root of 8m c) square root of 10m d) square root of 16m 9) The height of the building is 12m. The width measures 5m. What is the length of the diagonal? a) 7m b) 13m c) 17m d) 169m 10) The width of the flag is 50cm. The length of the red diagonal triangle is 1m. What is the length of the flag? a) 75cm b) 92.8cm c) 96.8cm d) 103.1cm

pythagoras quiz

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