John (travel) to the Moon last weekend., It (rain) cats and dogs last week., George and David (play) Fortnite yesterday., A frog (bite) Venda., Andy and Ellie (forget) their homework., Artem (fall) off his chair., Mrs. V. (leave) her money at home., Henry (feel) dizzy., Johnny (steal) her sister's cookies., Tommy (do) 1,000 push-ups., Angie (break) Tommy’s heart., Adele's dog (take) a selfie., Andy (get) a present., Pat (stop) smoking when she (be) 10 years old., Mrs. V. (have) purple hair 10 years ago., Natalia (follow) her dreams., Denis (open) the door., Alex (love) skiing., Ellie (lose) her mind., Students (enjoy) the exercise..


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