CAD Advantages: Designs easily altered, Designs can be easily saved and recalled, Designs can be emailed, Photo-realistic rendering can be done, Stress testing can be done before manufacture, Can be faster to draw complex shapes, Parts of design can be easily reused, Designs can be simulated to judge ease of manufacture, CAD Disadvantages: Software can be expensive, Security risk of hacking, Computer memory etc needs updating as software improved, Software can be complex to learn, Not all software is compatible , Software requires regular updates, CAM Advantages : Faster than traditional machine tools, Products can be repeated accurately, Can produce work directly from CAD file, More accurate than traditional manufacture, Machinery can operate 24/7 - Humans need breaks, CAM Disadvantages: Manufacture technicians need training, Leads to less employment, Data can be lost e.g. power cuts, Machinery is expensive, Specialist engineers required for maintenance or repair,

CAD/CAM - Advantages and Disadvantages




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