Self Control: You're angry with a classmate, and you want to scream. Instead, you ignore them. , Your teacher is talking about something you are not interested in, but you keep listening because it could be important., Your teacher is away and you have a sub. Some of your classmates are being silly. You ignore them and listen to the teacher. , A classmate starts calling you names, and you ignore them. , You feel like running through the halls, but you calm yourself down and walk the right way. , You come in from lunch and are really hyper but you sit down and get to work calmly anyways. , Not Self Control: You are frustrated with a classmate You tell them that they are stupid and they need to go away. , A classmate keeps making silly noises to distract the teacher. You join them, You are bored in class and you start using your pencils as drumsticks, distracting everyone else around you. , Your teacher is explaining something to , A classmate is calling you names, and you start calling names back. You both get in trouble for disrupting the class. , Your friend yells at you from across the lunchroom, you stand up and yell back. ,




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